Beyond the Yellow Line

In 2012 Captec have undertaken a major rebranding exercise with the introduction of a Yellow Line in our brand signature. Why a yellow line? Because this is often used as the boundary between the safe and the un-safe. We see yellow lines in many places where we are warned about a potential risk and some degree of precaution is required. For those who have stepped onto trains we often see this yellow line to warn us about the gap and to stand behind the line whilst waiting for the arrival of a train.


In a similar context the world of computing is also increasingly separated by a notional yellow line. Commercial computing typically needs a benign environment to operate reliably. The more critical the applications, the more controlled and benign the environment needs to be. So for enterprise server rooms or data centres, these are usually very carefully controlled, air conditioned, very clean, with un-interrupted power precautions, and many other forms of environmental controls. The computers themselves don’t need any protection, because the environment is controlled to benefit them.


But as more and more computer based applications are venturing beyond this benign environment, such as in transport, offshore oil rigs, defence equipment, and many others, their ability to operate reliably becomes a function of their protection. To control the external environment in these applications is near impossible, how would you stop the heat in a desert or the rain from falling? So the more extreme the environment the more protection is required to protect computers, especially industrial grade computers.


In the non critical space, which is where most of the IT applications exist, such as in the enterprise or in the home, no protection to the computers themselves is needed. But for the applications that go ‘beyond the yellow line’, they are increasingly calling for all manner of protection in order to ensure that the computing equipment continues to operate reliably. This takes a great deal of specialist experience and know-how.


This is why, at CAPTEC, we specialise in an area we refer to as ‘beyond the yellow line’, and why this has become integrated in our brand signature. For us, ‘the yellow line’ is the boundary between the critical and the non-critical, the hostile and the benign. Inside the yellow line, there is relatively little risk . However, it is beyond the yellow line where we really excel. Beyond the yellow line is a place of urgency and risk; where situations are often critical, where conditions can be extreme, and where greater protection is required – on desert battlefields, inside emergency-response vehicles, in medical treatment facilities or on-board deep-sea vessels. In these scenarios, entire operations and lives can hang in the balance, and the need for quality and reliability is absolutely vital.


At CAPTEC we relish the challenge of working beyond this notional boundary, and it is here that our industrial computer solutions are designed to thrive. We take computer technologies beyond their normal operational environment and ‘ruggedise’ them for high-performance. We offer protection against cold and heat, shock and vibration, dust and fluids and un-authorised access. Whatever the challenges, we create tough kit that’s built to last, providing total protection for your applications.


Ultimately, we work to ensure that even under extreme stress your equipment will not fail, and that the people who depend upon it will not be impacted or imperilled.