Brand Values

What defines Captec to our valued customers are 6 core Brand Values.  These are brand values that our customers have come to expect of Captec, whenever they purchase one of our computers.   We have built up a long standing reputation and track record at delivering these, consistently, since our origins in 1985. These are values that we care deeply and passionately about, and protect them with every fibre of our integrity. 



The Captec Brand stands for: 


We deliver our brand values through every touch-point  that our customers experience when dealing with Captec.  We try harder than anyone else in our industry to live up to these brand values, and where we happen to slip, that we learn and improve. 



The world of computer technologies is forever changing and accelerating in complexity.  The opportunities to use computers in distributed, embedded and intelligent systems are pushing the limits of where computer applications are being deployed.  Both these drivers, push us hard to keep innovating, and to find new solutions on how to best protect our industrial computers so they can deliver reliable platforms in some of the most hostile or challenging of conditions. 


Best Value

We recognise that value is what customers most need.  A quality product, at an affordable price, fit for the needs of their requirements.  This is always a guiding parameter in all that we do, to make sure that the cost of the solution is in keeping with the value it will add.  We endeavour to find win-win-win options for our customers, ourselves and our suppliers so that there is an appropriate value stream for all the stakeholders.   



We conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner.Every day, we work with professional companies and their professional staff.Companies and people who are involved in serious, and in many cases critical applications.We believe that it is necessary to conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with a high standard of professionalism that defines both our approach and our behaviour when dealing with all our stakeholders.Not just our customers, but also our staff, our suppliers and partners, as well as our community.

Challenge Seeking

We are a technically led company, working in a field that is constantly pushing the boundaries.  So we like challenge, and we relish taking on what has not been tried before.  Our work attracts some of the most leading edge, pioneering engineering protection of computers.  “Bring us your technical challenge”, that’s what our brand calls for.  It stands for the courage and the confidence, to try, where others may fear to go. 


Quality and Reliability

Our computers are embedded into a wide diversity of applications that are critical in some way or other.  Quality and reliability is what we do and think about all the time.  Through the disciplined adoption of international quality standards in our ISO-9001 accreditation and across every aspect of the business, every Captec employee knows that our livelihood and longevity depends on it.  It’s that important. 


Technical Excellence

Our guiding principle is that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.  That’s why the Captec brand stands for Technical Excellence.  Excellence to make sure a solution is as good as it can be and needs to be. But, not at the expense of value, or to compromise other important criteria, such a timelines. 


We are proud of our brand.  It comprises our promise to you that when you buy Captec, you are buying more than just a computer, but a measure of all the above values packaged with it.  And if ever we fail to deliver against any of these, we genuinely want to know, so we can improve.  That is why we take our customer satisfaction questionnaire and feedback so seriously.  We are after all, a company of people, who can be fallible from time to time.  But where we fail to meet the expectations we have set, we are professional enough to take responsibility and correct the failure to ensure they are not repeated.