Value Proposition

Captec Placeholder TTT Grill Final 02Captec’s core business is the design and manufacture of application ready computer platforms. Ready to the point where our customers need only add their applications and they are ready to run. Customers like System Integrators and OEMs, who require computer hardware in their systems and solutions to run their applications reliably to deliver their IP to their own customers and to support their brand values. So our high level summary of our value proposition is simple but strategic:


Our computers keep your applications running, anywhere.


Our customers want their applications to keep running reliably for as long as possible without interruption of operation or supply. Whether that’s by failure or by obsolescence/change. We have found that 4 core aspects make the greatest difference in delivering our value proposition, particularly in applications that are critical and require stringent certification and compliance. We do this by focusing all of our experience, know-how and resources into these 4 core areas which constitute our DNA and what we live and breathe every day. These core areas are:



Ensuring Reliability, through:


  • Protection for challenging environments and controlled applications -Through rigorous testing and protection, we ensure that your systems won’t be disrupted and your end-users won’t be affected.
  • Use of the best components – Using reliably-sourced and rigorously-tested industrial-grade components, we keep your computers running at all times.
  • A wealth of testing expertise – Using state-of-the-art facilities, our specialist testing team ensures your kit is compliant and fit-for-purpose.
  • Consistent high quality – Through expert sourcing, manufacturing and quality management, we always deliver world-class technical solutions.
  • Consistent manufacture – Working in a highly-controlled manufacturing environment, we have the capacity and skills to achieve consistently high levels of production.
  • A challenging and innovative approach – We never settle for the easy option, but instead push boundaries and pioneer new methods to achieve the best results.


Maximising Longevity, through:


  • Obsolescence management – Through careful selection of components and end-of-life management, we help you avoid costly disruptions and deliver continuity.
  • Change control – In an ever-changing industry, we ensure your computers and systems can function reliably over time.
  • Supply chain investment – Through strong supplier connections and relationships, we offer you wide-ranging and low-cost sourcing options.
  • Partnerships for excellence and innovation – Over the years we’ve built partnerships with industry leaders, achieving technical innovation and excellence in key service areas.


Providing Comprehensive Support, through:


  • Dedicated support teams – Our dedicated support staff provide preventative maintenance, field repairs, system support and world-class customer service.
  • Skilled and expert workforce – We boast a wealth of internal expertise, with a highly skilled workforce equipped for the toughest technical and intellectual challenges.
  • Training and knowledge sharing – Through internal training, skills development and knowledge sharing, we enhance our people’s capabilities so they can deliver the very best solutions.
  • Tailored advisory services – Whatever your sector and timescales, we can tailor our consultation and advisory services to your specific requirements.
  • Minimal turnaround time – With extensive in-house capabilities, we achieve industry-leading service times and turnaround, helping to save you time and money.


Guaranteeing Compliance, through:


  • Expert compliance and certification teams – Our compliance and certification teams offer a multitude of tests to ensure your equipment is compliant and fit-for-purpose.
  • Engineer for Compliance – We engineer the solution with compliance in mind from the very start. By the timetesting takes place all risks of non-compliance have been considered and minimised.
  • Extensive pre-testing – Through pre-tests and assessments, we help to protect your technology before it is rolled out, preventing costly disruption later on.
  •   In-depth technical know-how – With in-depth technical knowledge and experience, we can advise you on the best compliance and testing routes for your specific requirements.
  • Partnerships with test specialists – We’ve built strong relationships with leading test houses, giving you access to a wealth of expertise in compliance and certification.