Mobile Data Capture Systems for In-Vehicle Installations

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Waste collection professionals can be victims to waste themselves when they are frequently and unnecessarily recalled to previous locations. Inaccurate information or complaints due to receptacles not being collected causes this in the majority of cases. Ultimately it leads to wasted productivity as time and human resources are misdirected.

Data capture systems are integrated within waste collection vehicles to deliver accurate information and reduce recalls. The systems keep field staff connected so they can log when receptacles have been collected and at which locations.

It is beneficial for integrators to work with fleet managers at the earliest opportunity to fully understand their application specific needs. This can include conducting vehicle assessments, providing system specific installation manuals and evaluating environmental challenges.

Within the waste industry, the agility of the workforce is paramount to the fluidity of operations. Tablet mobile data capture PCs afford professionals mobility, optimising the speed of data logging. Specifying systems with a compact and lightweight design gives the additional benefits of preserving valuable in-vehicle space and assisting the ease of transportation.

For public services, time is money. Mobile data capture units must be in continuous operation because downtime can result in delayed data transmissions and expensive recalls. Hot swappable battery packs can act as a means of minimising downtime through system shutdowns, culminating in reduced interruptions and recovered expenses.

In addition to increasing system uptime, computers must make the maximum use of communicative channels to connect field staff throughout the working day. Equipping systems with mobile connectivity enables immediate action to be taken when required. This optimises productivity and enables fast and accurate decision making.

The systems must be capable of withstanding environmental challenges incurred by in-vehicle deployments and operation in hostile conditions. Elements prevalent in waste collection vehicles include shock and vibration, dusty and wet conditions as well as extreme temperature ranges.

Integrators of in-vehicle mobile data capture systems should consider:

  • Protective front panels to withstand any water and dust ingress
  • Drop protection
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Sunlight readable displays for bright conditions

Complying to industry standards such as MIL-STD-810G is a way of certifying systems are equipped to withstand environmental challenges and operate reliably throughout their lifecycle.

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