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Mobile computer platforms powering sophisticated patient monitoring systems.

Medical service professionals need to be able to access, process and transfer information in real time, to monitor patients and make timely decisions.

Patient monitoring equipment can be presented in many configurations depending on the various needs in specialist medicine. Captec offer numerous mobile computer platforms that drive patient monitoring systems. These can be tailored to suit multiple applications, while flexible mounting options allow accessible transportation and positioning. Configured so that vital information can be gathered and relayed rapidly, they augment the monitoring process and make all information available to relevant departments.

In addition, our units are protected for medical environments through fluid ingress resilience, and are easy to clean. If necessary we can equip systems with flexible battery charging solutions that better suit shift patterns and numerous users, to maximise uptime.

With in-depth device knowledge and considerable experience in the modification of function, we have proven experience in the integration of specialist computer products into medical systems.

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