Rack Cabinets for Sensing Applications

Energy Integration of Rack Systems Distributed Sensing Applications
Pipeline, oil and gas industries are benefiting significantly from innovations in sensing technologies, enabling a broader scope of exploration and production techniques to be realised. This particular method of sensing utilises optical fibre cables for sensing, allowing measurements to be taken and then processed. This method enables signals to be detected over significant distances and in challenging environments.

The enhanced capabilities of sensing are driven by an increasing need for real time intelligence to inform and accelerate decision making at each stage of the application. Ultimately, these advancements in technology give rise to a far greater short- and long-term understanding of well integrity, monitoring and production.

Rack cabinets and their constituent devices play a critical part in sensing applications. With the appropriate software installed, sensing systems are capable of continuously monitoring subjects for interferences such as leaks or flow discrepancies. Therefore, the platforms must be relied on to perform continuously, for extended periods, requiring consistent availability of the solution. To optimise a project for success, consolidating the supply chain creates a single point of customer reference which reduces complications and ultimately optimises both availability and continuity of function.

For sensing applications, the impact of air ingress can be disruptive to the quality of the data transmitted. In the integration of rack cabinets, consideration of custom airflow and filtering that meet the individual needs of the application will ensure the effects of air ingress are contained. As with any rack integration project, it is crucial to consider power supply and distribution. Accurate power budgets should be drafted to determine how much power a rack will consume and what technologies will be best suited in providing the rack the energy it needs. Custom power distribution units (PDUs) will ensure the demands of the application are realised.

Where applications require a significant roll out of technologies within cabinets, reliability is essential while cost effectiveness is highly desirable. To meet this need, it is possible to select commercially available cabinets to lower costs, while making engineering adjustments that give the solution the industrial features and the reliability it requires.

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