Warehouse Management Systems


Warehouse management is a crucial element of the supply chain, ensuring receipt, storage and movement of goods is optimised for maximum efficiency and full support of other parts of the chain.

This requires real time operation and updating and often involves managing and coordinating activities across multiple sites.

Efficient Warehouse management systems ensure the best customer service, inventory accuracy, flexibility and responsiveness are achieved at minimum cost and with minimum labour. They also minimise stock holding and maximise the efficiency of space and storage.

These systems involve computer hardware and software, connected to databases and various peripherals for data input and documentation production. The use of intelligent terminals reduces the loading on data connections and improves the efficiency of the system. These terminals need associated peripherals and interfaces for near and far stock code scanning, voice picking, capturing signatures and reading and printing documentation. Furthermore, they can be using for checking the inventory by the QA team and update the database in real time.

Handheld and fork truck mounted Rugged Tablets used in a warehouse environment are connected via wireless LAN with a centralised network that allows access to ERP software, supply chain software and other production and quality software modules that can be used. The Rugged Tablets utilise automatic identification and data capture technology, such as RFID, 1-D or 2-D barcode scanners, cameras and signature digitisers and also use Bluetooth, WiFi or WWAN for easy file exchange with other devices.

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