An In-vehicle Printer You Can Rely On. Even in Emergencies

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Example of Fire Engine that could use a Rugged PrinterWe’ve all seen applications that involve mobile printing technology. More often than not this will be in the form of a point of sale receipt printer, which only needs a narrow print width and a few lines of text.

What happens though if your application requires a more substantial form of printout?

What if you need full A4 size documents, with high resolution content?

And what if you need to do all of this in an in-vehicle environment that involves vibration, dust, humidity and all kinds of other factors that are the arch-enemy of electro-mechanical devices?

Well, this is exactly what we have designed the Captec RP-922 Rugged Printer to deliver, or withstand.

Primarily designed for the Fire Service, the RP-922 is a compact, rugged A4 printer, which can be mounted in any vehicle cab to produce consistent, reliable printouts.

Virtually every appliance now has a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) fitted, which gives fire crews access to all the same information that used to be in printed form, and much more besides. Every piece of useful information is held in the system for reference, whether it is the plan of a building layout, or the procedure for dealing with a fire in a particular type of location. These can be called up on screen at the touch of a button, then printed out as a hardcopy to be used on the scene.

Most of us have seen the sorry sight of an accident on the roads, where perhaps the roof of a vehicle has had to be cut away to release the occupants. It might seem like someone just dives in with the hydraulic cutters to chop through the cars bodywork, but there are many things to consider beforehand. Modern cars contain numerous ‘occupant protection’ devices such as airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners and the like. It is critical then to ensure that any work carried out to extract the occupants does not create the risk of further injury by triggering anything which might impact on an already delicate situation.

The MDT will hold data on a wide range of vehicle models, along with critical schematics and information on the location of electrics, airbags and other safety devices – ensuring the fire crew can identify where it is safe to cut or separate the vehicle body. The ability to print out this information at the fire appliance, and take a hardcopy of it away to use as reference at the scene provides a key aid to the fire fighters.


But it is not only road traffic accidents where having a useful printout in your hands can benefit – there are many other examples.

Industrial building fires can be a major hazard – there may be chemicals or highly flammable materials involved. Information such as this is recorded during routine fire safety checks, and updated in the MDT records.

When attending an incident at a factory or industrial site, fire-fighters have access to this information, and our rugged printer enables a hardcopy to be taken to the scene.

There may also be specific procedures to follow for certain types of incident – these too can be printed out and circulated.

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The compact, rugged design ensures that the RP-922 performs reliably in the harsh uncompromising environment of a fire appliance – and the thermal print mechanism means there are minimal moving parts, which enhances reliability.

The USB interface of the latest RP-922 provides easy connectivity to any MDT hardware. The design also includes unique cable retention to avoid data problems encountered through accidental disconnection. Horizontal or vertical mounting, simple paper roll changes, and straight forward operating controls make this product a perfect choice for installation in the confined cab of a fire appliance.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a mission-critical application such as the Fire Service’s to benefit. Wherever and whatever the requirement for in-vehicle printed documentation, you can be sure that our rugged printer is robust and reliable enough to stand up to the challenge.

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