BDM Travels: Italy & Paris 2015

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Posted on: June 3rd, 2015

BDM Italy/France Blog MainMore travels, more opportunities for specialist computer systems.  Accompanied by one of our interns, Andrei Miu, I completed a tour of Italy.  Over the space of five days we visited a number of companies across a wide range of Captec’s core sectors, including locations in Milan, Geneva, Bologna, Ravenna and Florence.

It was good to meet new contacts in new divisions of companies that we have long-standing relationships with in the UK.  Large companies such as Selex, Thales and GE Energy all took the time to meet with us, explain their core business and explore ways in which we can work together in the future.

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Whilst in Italy, we took the time to visit the OMC Exhibition in Ravenna. The exhibition was well attended and presented a good opportunity to discuss specialist computing requirements with an audience we hadn’t explored before.  A particular highlight included seeing an FMC Technologies ROV in action and powered by Captec Computer systems. The engineers were happy to meet me, all shaking my hand, coming from all corners of the venue to say hello.

The next trip was to Paris, again I was accompanied by one of our Interns. Xavier Beaufils wasn’t only there to help me navigate and master French road rules and regulations. As with Andrei before him, he proved invaluable when communicating with the people we visited. Although all spoke English, there were times were you got the feeling the message I was conveying was being lost in translation. The interns prove themselves adept in being able to communicate the Captec message and translate any tricky points.


BDM Italy/France Blog Secondary 02As with Italy, we visited a number of large offices for different divisions of companies we work with in the UK.  I must say, my favourite was the view from the office at Siemens.  A beautiful panoramic view of Paris with the Eiffel tower in clear view.  I did see some nice sculptures when we visited La Défense area of Paris, I am not sure what the sculpture to the right was about, but it definitely stood out like a sore thumb!

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