Updating our IC Range for Increased Power and Extended Life

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Captec’s successful IC range of rackmounted industrial computers was coming to the end of its available life, mainly due to its usage of second generation Intel Core i processors. Customers were demanding increased capabilities which can be provided by newer processors while also needing a longer availability than was left in these products.

One of the primary reasons industries invest in industrial computers is to fix an operational window, considerably longer than possible with standard commercially available units. As part of our scheduled product evaluation, we commenced a platform refresh to update the range with the latest Core i processors and harness all the benefits of these new chips and other technology advances, in addition to resetting the five to seven year availability.

The result is an updated IC range of rackmount computers with much improved processing and graphics capabilities while at the same time achieving a considerable reduction in power consumption. More processing power for less energy input. It’s not often you get more out for putting less in, but these computers achieve just that!

How did we manage this? The biggest contribution comes from the processor chips themselves which provide much greater processing and graphics capabilities. Despite the increased abilities provided by the processors, the units consume less power due to shrinking the chipset die technology and also generate less heat.


Next we selected high efficiency power supply units offering in excess of 85% efficiency. Efficiency and speed are also increased by employing solid state storage devices in place of traditional hard disks. Then we built in quiet running, speed controlled cooling fans which not only reduce power consumption due to only running when the temperature of the processor gets high enough to need additional air flow but this noise level is also significantly reduced, enabling the computers to be installed in quiet areas without disturbing people.

Add in increased I/O configurability, expandability, mini PCIe sockets and the new IC range represents a considerable advance over the previous products and even greater value for money.

For more information on the enhanced IC range please follow this link.

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