Captec Placeholder TTT Grill Final 02The Captec Group offers a collection of Business, Technical, Engineering and Operational capabilities, delivered through a selection of product and service streams.  These capabilities have been built up over a long span of time, since our founding in 1985.  We have focused all our resources in maximising our know-how in the design and manufacture of application ready computer platforms. Ready to the point where our customers need only add their applications and they are ready to run.


Our Capabilities include:


These are continuously enhanced to support our high level value proposition of:


Our computers keep your applications running, anywhere.


Our customers want their applications to keep running reliably for as long as possible without interruption of operation or supply. Whether that’s by failure or by obsolescence/change. Our capabilities are a result of focusing all of our experience, know-how and resources into 4 core areas which constitute our DNA and what we live and breathe every day. These core areas are:


  • Protecting computers to ensure they operate reliably in any operating environment.
  • Managing the constituent computer technologies to maximise longevity.
  • Providing comprehensive support.
  • Guaranteeing compliance and certification.