Business Capabilities

Captec Placeholder TTT Grill Final 02The weakest link in your supply chain will determine your overall capability. All supply chains have their weak links, reviewing these when alternatives present themselves is the best route to improvement and risk reduction.

Our business competencies are based on a portfolio of capabilities which, when combined, result in a supplier with a successful track record established since 1985 as a Tried, Tested and Trusted supplier to over 3000+ customers internationally.

Expertise, leading-edge products, solid engineering and comprehensive operational and logistical support, that’s what our customers expect when they choose a Captec industrial computer. Our customers trust in the skill and experience of Captec’s team to deliver the most appropriate solution for their applications – on time, cost-efficient, and meeting the highest quality requirements.

21 Reasons to choose Captec – We add value in so many ways:


Well established company with proven track record Mature and robust management team Competent and capable people
Specialist knowledge of computing technologies Understanding of your applications Experience and professionalism
Solutions not just products Financial robustness and flexibility Record of success with over 3000+ customers
Relationships with key technology partners Growing International reach with local touch The right solution appropriate to your needs
Quality management Innovation, design and R&D Committed to service
Committed to the environment Global material procurement Production capacity and capability
Operational capability Obsolescence and change control management Business partnering


Well established company with proven track record

Not only assures you that we provide great products, but that we will be around when you need us in the future. Since 1985, Captec has been a pioneer in PC based Industrial Computer systems. Throughout industry upturns and downturns, Captec has always been there for our customers.

Mature and robust management team

We have a professional, experienced management team. We are committed to the delivery of our business plans, through a clear vision of where we want to be, a mission on how to accomplish it and a clear set of key business objectives and core values to guide us.

Competent and capable people

First and foremost, Captec’s capabilities are firmly founded on a competent, capable and talented team of people. We continuously invest in the training and development of our people to ensure that they deliver their best for you. You are in the hands of professionals.

Specialist knowledge of computing technologies

Keeping up with technology in computing is increasingly difficult, particularly if this is not your core business. This often leads to the selection of inappropriate technologies, due to lack of knowledge of the options available, resulting in significantly higher costs of ownership. We bring you the specialist knowledge you need to choose the technologies that best fit your requirements. And to continue managing these through the operating life of the application.

Understanding of your applications

With extensive knowledge gained from working with a wide variety of European, North American and global organisations, we continuously expand our knowledge of applications. We cross fertilise this knowledge to provide you with products and expertise that are appropriate for the sectors in which you operate.

Experience and professionalism

We have consistently invested in building the collective experience and professionalism of Captec’s team at all levels, from the shop floor to senior management. We are all set to deliver the most appropriate solution for your applications meeting the highest quality requirements.

Solutions not just products

What you get with Captec is not just a product but a complete capability to develop solutions as specific and individual as your needs. We select from best of breed technologies to ensure that the solution fits your technical and budgetary requirements to give you the best Total Lifetime Cost of Ownership possible.

Financial robustness and flexibility

Our sustained profitability has enabled us to build a solid financial base to ensure we are able to deal with financial demands of major projects, with a proven track record of capability to handle multimillion pound orders. In increasingly multi currency supply chains, we are able to offer stability of fixed term pricing to ensure your costs are known and defined from the onset, and not subject to the fluctuations of the currency markets.

Record of success with over 3000+ customers

Our consultative approach has proved successful in delivering consistent measurable results for both us and our customers. This has enabled us to consistently grow and increase our customer base, now standing at over 3000+, each of which has tested our business and technical capabilities. Our continued record of success highlights the trust we have built.

Relationships with key technology partners

With established relationships with industry leading global technology partners, such as Microsoft and Intel, we are able to bring you best of breed technologies as well as to future proof your solutions based on the knowledge of future roadmaps.

Growing International reach with local touch

We are continually investing in our infrastructure to provide the highest standard of on-the-ground services wherever our customers may need us to be. Our operations in the UK and Canada are the hubs of our EMEA and North American business. In addition, we have plans to expand outsourced manufacturing in Asia into Captec’s own facility to further enhance our international coverage.

The right solution appropriate to your needs

From components, through standard systems, to custom designed and built systems, our forward-looking solutions are designed and built for protection against hostile operating conditions, reliability and minimum lifetime cost of ownership. You can rely on our know-how, experience and skill to devise the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Quality management

All our processes and systems are managed within the scope of an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system, assuring you of the integrity of our products and bespoke solutions. We are proud of our unblemished track record of zero non-conformances.

Innovation, design and R&D

With extensive in-house design capability, we can deliver individual custom designed solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. We complement these with Technology Transfer Partnerships and with centres of specialist expertise and managed out-sourcing of certification testing.

Committed to service

Excellent customer care is our primary objective. Dedicated, professional support staff are available to listen, advise and assist. Backed by a modern test and repair facility which ensures a timely response, when things go wrong.

Committed to the environment

There is an ever growing and urgent need for responsible environmental management. We are passionate about the future of our planet and are committed with our ISO-14001 accreditation to protecting the environment in all the ways that we are able to. We strive to work with like minded suppliers and have committed to work within the national and international legal requirements.

Global material procurement

With procurement capability in Europe, North America and Asia we work with carefully selected specialist manufacturers and suppliers to match the latest, most cost effective and appropriate technologies with the demands of our customers.

Production capacity and capability

We continuously invest in our manufacturing capability, capacity and facilities. Adopting lean manufacturing best practice ensures that we have the quality, agility and scalability to deal with variable demand. Our size enables us to cater for large quantities quickly without compromise. With manufacturing and integration capability in both Europe and North America we are able to offer systems where our customers need them.

Operational capability

On time when you need it. You have deadlines to meet and we are aware that your success depends on the performance we deliver. Our substantial manufacturing and integration capability, extensive inventory and materials management systems will guarantee adherence to your deadlines and specifications. Our size enables us to cater from tens to thousands of systems depending on your needs.

Obsolescence and change control management

In an industry beset by unprecedented levels of change and ever decreasing product lifecycles, our Change Control Management procedures ensure continuity of supply for agreed system configurations, protecting you from component obsolescence issues. This is a key differentiator from commercial computing where obsolescence happens abruptly, is not notified and generally un-managed.

Business partnering

Many of our customer relationships have elevated to partnership levels where we jointly share risk and reward of new business opportunities. Whether it be for a new product development or for a production quantity procurement. We also offer use of our overseas facilities to help partners gain a bridgehead into new markets.