Technical & Operational Capabilities

Captec Placeholder TTT Grill Final 02Capabilities of competitors don’t stand still, competition just gets tougher. Whether it’s in your back yard or from another continent, it just keeps coming. It’s after your product, your market, your profits, your jobs, your survival.

Captec helps you achieve competitive advantage through innovative, robust and reliable industrial computing platforms at the lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

Whatever market sector you are in, your world becomes more competitive every day. Companies that embrace a positive approach to innovation will ultimately out-perform those who fear it, avoid it, or wait until the last minute before responding to change. In a world increasingly reliant on computing technology, you need a partner that enables you to realise your company’s ability to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

We innovate to help you succeed


From our origins in 1985, Captec has been passionate in the pursuit of engineering excellence, best design practice, quality and delivery of value for money solutions. We continuously invest in the training and development of our people to ensure that they deliver their best for you, to uphold those founding objectives. You can feel secure that you are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Our technical and operational competencies are based on a portfolio of capabilities which, when combined, result in a supplier with a successful track record established since 1985 as a Tried, Tested and Trusted supplier to over 3000+ customers internationally.

24 Reasons of why to choose Captec – We add value in so many ways:


Team of competent, capable and experienced people Designed to order Custom form factor design
Shock and vibration Protection Thermal management Compliance with standards and directives
Materials traceability Environmental ingress protection EMC compliance
Burn-in soak testing Individual test reports Consistency of build
ESD wide facility Custom packaging Varied power sources
Technology transfers System configuration, setup and customisation Future proofing
Cloning & Configuration Knowledge base 3D Modeling
Project management Contact window matrix Training


Team of competent, capable and experienced people

First and foremost, Captec’s technical capabilities are firmly founded on a competent, capable and talented team of technical people. You can feel secure that you are in the hands of professionals.

Designed to order

We are not constrained in our thinking by what has been available until now. We believe that anything is possible. With extensive in-house electronic, mechanical and electrical design capability, we can deliver individual custom designed solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Custom form factor design

Computer automation is finding its way into applications where the available space, size and shape are unique. Whether it’s in a car, on a train, in a submarine, or in a machine, we have designed to a wide diversity of form factors. There is no one size that fits all.  Our computer solutions can be as unique as your applications require it.

Shock and vibration protection

Industrial applications are subjected to levels of shock and vibration far in excess of those which computers typically have to endure, particularly in the commercial field. We specialise in understanding modes of vibration and techniques needed to protect critical parts for un-interrupted operation in the presence of such demanding conditions.

Thermal management

As computing power increases so does the power consumption and consequently the associated thermal effects. Thermal management is essential to minimising failure and lifetime cost of ownership. The single most critical factor to MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) reduction is temperature. We understand how to manage this most effectively for a wide diversity of applications. We seek out and find the latest materials and techniques and apply them to solve real life problems.

Compliance with standards and directives

Professional applications need to conform to more and more demanding standards of compliance as well as legal directives. Different applications are subject to different compliance requirements whether you are in medical, defence, transport or any other specialist fields. We understand these and will most likely already have worked to achieve these for others.

Materials traceability

Every component used in every system is diligently recorded in a tracking log to ensure full traceability. An audit trail is key to the systematic identification of any field failures, resulting in corrective action, implemented quickly and efficiently, on the correct parts, without guesswork or trial and error. Our traceability records have been audited and comply with the most stringent of industry standards.

Environmental ingress protection

The proliferation of computing equipment in more challenging environments necessitates expertise in the protection against ingress of water and dust. Having provided numerous solutions of varying complexity we bring you a wealth of knowledge and expertise ready-made.

EMC compliance

EMC emission and susceptibility is an increasingly thorny challenge. As clock frequencies race higher and higher, wavelengths get shorter, radiating from far more apertures. Complying with regulatory standards is difficult enough, we are able to take this much further having already designed computing equipment to far more stringent requirements, amongst them medical, defence, security and transport standards.

Burn-in soak testing

Every Captec system undertakes a rigorous and comprehensive burn in soak test to ensure we eradicate early component failures before they affect you. Every possible functional part of the system is tested to ensure it is fit for purpose when you turn it on.

Individual test reports

You are guaranteed that every system you receive has been thoroughly tested with an individual test report verified personally by the test technician. We take every possible step to ensure that your system is fit for purpose straight out of the box.

Consistency of build

Our extensive library of comprehensive build documentation, together with our in-house technician training programme supported by a revolutionary skills matrix of qualified technicians, guarantee that your systems are built to your specification, consistently, each time and every time.

ESD wide facility

Inadequate ESD protection in manufacturing and integration impairs, weakens and reduces the overall lifespan of electronics before you even start. Our facilities are fully ESD protected, end to end, from stores material handling through to final packing. Our engineering, technical support and repairs sections are equally ESD covered.

Custom packaging

Packaging for the transportation of equipment is a key factor in the minimisation of DOA (Dead on Arrival). We partner with specialists in this field to design the most appropriate and cost effective packaging solution to cater for your transportation requirements.

Varied power sources

Our systems can be adapted to operate with different power supplies from DC, at various levels, to mains AC. With such wide diversity of power sources in differing applications we are able to select the appropriate power source as well as protect it from fluctuations or disturbances associated to some applications.

Technology transfers

We partner with universities, government research agencies and fellow commercial organisations to discover new, and to extend existing technologies which are relevant to our field. We actively pursue research in Thermal Management, EMC, Shock & Vibration and Ingress Protection. All the technologies that will give your solutions an innovative edge.

System configuration, setup and customisation

Every system can be customised and personalised to requirement. From simple BIOS settings to operating system or application parameter setup and configuration. A cost effective alternative for your on-site work which frees up your expensive and highly skilled engineers to add more value elsewhere.

Future proofing

Computing technologies change faster than in any other industry. Our solutions are designed from the start to keep pace with you future demand. We use open technologies, to deliver modular systems, which are not only effective and cost-efficient today, but flexible and scalable to support tomorrow’s applications.

Cloning & Configuration

Where you need exact duplication of systems including Operating System, configuration, or your own application software, we provide a full complement of cloning services together with master revision change control. With a dedicated server we ensure that masters are all current and maintained within a secure IT infrastructure.

Knowledge base

The learning curve in using new product is always a steep one. Our knowledge base is targeted at assisting you by providing information on issues that previous customers have raised and their resolutions. In addition we also provide a collection of tips and advice from our highly trained Technical Support staff on how to install, configure or troubleshoot, the latest set of drivers, manuals, firmware and any related or applicable information for the products we supply.

3D Modelling

By designing extensively in 3D we are able to offer you a visual model of your solutions as we design them. You can explore the proposed solutions from every angle, inside and out, and interact with our engineers at the design stage, ensuring you get the solution that best fits your expectations. The end product is also immediately ready for prototyping.

Project management

We manage our development projects so you don’t have to. Our professional project managers provide a single point of co-ordination to keep your project on track and to keep you informed. By following mature procedures they ensure that your job finishes smoothly, on time and on budget.

Contact window matrix

The most important factor in a successful relationship is good communications. We offer a matrix contact structure to allow you and your team to access and communicate directly with the people you need at whatever level in Captec.


Our training material and courses provide you with rapid acceleration up the learning curve as well as give you the technical competence and confidence to fully understand rapidly changing technologies and how to best apply them with maximum benefit in the shortest time possible.