The key to us meeting the customer’s exact specifications was the ability of our technical services team to make firmware modifications and integrate components in-house, all while reducing lead times.

Account Manager, Captec

The solution is for a diesel power specialist operating across the offshore and marine industries, with offices in both the UK and Australasia. The customer has a team of over 40 engineers and is focused on providing innovative support, repair and refurbishments as a cost effective rival to OEMs. The company specialises in reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of ships through real-time engine management data.


  • A platform designed to a specific form factor for integration on the bridge of ships to monitor engine performance and energy consumption
  • Ruggedisation of computer platforms to withstand the shock and vibration rigours of marine environments
  • PC display must be capable of dimming to absolute zero to negate interference with navigation systems during night operation
  • Management of power spikes prevalent in ship deployments
  • Platforms need to be capable of running customer specific software
  • Reduced lead times to support a significantly fast roll-out

The Solution

  • Captec developed a 12-inch touchscreen panel PC for bulkhead mounting on the bridge of ships
  • Panel PCs engineered with an IP65 front panel to provide protection in marine environments
  • Technical services team conducted firmware modifications to enable the platform to be dimmable to absolute zero
  • Integration of a UPS onto the panel PC to protect against power spikes, reducing platform downtime
  • Powerful Intel Core i5 processors to run the customer’s fuel monitoring and management software
  • Captec sourced components individually for integration in-house, contributing to the reduction of lead times by half

The Outcome

  • Customer’s lead times reduced significantly, at a rate of 50 percent
  • The customer can supply a platform optimised for longevity and tested for reliability
  • Panel PCs enable the customer to log, process and distribute real time data to inform mission critical decisions
  • The customer has successfully created a product that enables ships to preserve energy, reduce carbon footprint and ultimately save money

Make it your own

Our engineering specialists can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application.