Equal Opportunities Policy

Captec Equal Opportunities PolicyCaptec aims to be a recognised international leader in specialist computing platforms across multiple form factors, with high quality, reliable products, excellent customer service, and responsible management of our people and processes. Executed within the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility that we can achieve. Our people are our greatest asset. In order to maximize this we place great value in the blend of people’s varied experiences, ideas and cultural influences to enrich our talent pool.


Any opportunities available in our business will be warmly offered to anyone with the right capabilities, skills, attitudes and values.  We strive to harness our people’s unique talents to maximize their potential ability and prosperity. In turn, this enhances our competitive advantage and the quality of our offerings to our customers.
We commit to the personal development of all our people in an equal and fair manner, based on their ambitions and contributions, in keeping with our business needs and objectives. We will encourage, train and inspire all our people to actively participate in this commitment. We will constantly strive to create a productive environment, representative of and responsive to different cultures and groups, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.
We all have a responsibility to embrace and support this vision and must continue to challenge behaviour and attitudes that prevent us from achieving this.  Using fair and objective employment practices, our aim is to ensure that:

  • All employees and potential employees are treated fairly and with respect at all stages of their employment.
  • All employees have the right to be free from harassment and bullying of any description, or any other form of unwanted behaviour, whether based on sex, trans-gender status, marital status, civil partnership status, pregnancy, race, disability, age, political or religious belief or sexuality.
  • All employees have an equal chance to contribute and to achieve their potential, irrespective of any defining feature that may give rise to unfair discrimination.


The success of a business depends on people. Capitalising on what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives and experiences will add value to the way we do business.

We will review this policy at least annually to ensure it continues to provide a suitable framework for effective management of our human resources.