Health and Safety Policy

Captec aims to be a recognised international leader in specialist computing platforms across multiple form factors, with high quality, reliable products, excellent customer service, and responsible management of our people and processes. Executed within the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility that we can achieve.

Our people are our greatest asset and their health, safety and welfare is our highest priority.


We expect all our employees to co-operate and act responsibly on safety matters, taking care of their own safety and that of others, whether from within the company or from outside, who may be affected by their actions.


Health and safety regulations, and other relevant requirements will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of our performance. Where no regulations exist, Captec will set  its own exacting standards.


We will encourage, train and inspire all our people to actively participate in this commitment. We will review this policy at least annually to ensure it continues to provide a suitable framework for effective health and safety management.