Culture & Behaviours

Every company has its own culture and associated behaviours.  At Captec we believe that there are certain characteristics that define who we are and that differentiate us from others similar to us.  These are centred around our values and beliefs and the discipline to keep to true to these.  Our culture is reflected in our collective behaviours of how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace.

  • Respect for people and processes
  • Positive attitude with a can-do, will-do approach
  • Teamwork, collaboration and inter-dependence
  • Ambition to always aim high and stretch our performance
  • Plan our work and work our plans
  • Passion, energy and drive to complete what we start
  • Curiosity, conviction and courage to innovate and pioneer new methods
  • Openness in reviewing failure, willingness to learn and improve
  • Respect and uphold our rules of operation
  • Urgency for all that is important
  • Appropriate risk assessment to underpin boldness to pioneer and innovate
  • Pride in all that we do
  • Simplicity and clarity
  • Celebration of success