Vision, Purpose & Mission


A world where computers can run reliably in any environment for the benefit of people and business operations.

Delivering continuity; enhancing quality of life; maximising safety and security.



To be a  recognised international leader in the design and manufacture of reliable and affordable computers, fit for challenging environments and controlled applications.

We achieve these goals through continuous innovation; pushing boundaries and pioneering new methods to deliver best results. We strive to enhance our technical and applications know-how, expand our international footprint, and improve our capabilities in the design, manufacture and supply of best-in-class computers. Which are fit for purpose, built to last and provide total protection for customers’ applications.



To continue providing reliability, longevity, compliance and support to our global customers, protecting their applications from disruption and delivering expert solutions for testing times and tough environments.

To proactively drive growth, profitability and IP (Intellectual Property) to reach an IPO (Initial Public Offering) stock market floatation milestone by 2018.

Through floatation, we seek to:

  • Gain access to capital for onward investment and acquisitions in order to expand Captec’s brand and market reach.
  • Reward our people for their efforts and contributions towards the achievement of this milestone.
  • Attract and retain the highest-calibre talent.