Accelerating Behaviours

Captec’s management style is one of nurturing towards the appropriate behaviours that are in keeping with our unique culture and business objectives.  Through the course of time we have come to identify 4 behaviour groups which define much of the spectrum of most company employees.


As we are all humans, living in an imperfect world, we exhibit a cocktail of these behaviours at various times, depending on circumstances and many other factors.  However, in a professional company with a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose we expect the largest display of behaviours to fall in two acceptable groups, Accellerating and Sustaining.  The remaining two, Limiting and Toxic, we find un-acceptable in our workplace at Captec. We robustly manage to improve these wherever and whenever they occur, and we expect them to be rare exhibits, rather than common occurrence.


The Best – Accelerating Behaviours

The Good – Sustaining Behaviours

The Bad – Limiting Behaviours

The Worst – Toxic Behaviours


At Captec we expect the proportion of behaviours demonstrated in the workplace to be balanced towards Accellerating and Sustaining.  Where more of the Toxic or Limiting behaviours are demonstrated, these do not root well in the Captec culture.