3-2-1 Countdown to Graduation Programme

Our 3-2-1 Countdown to Graduation Programme, has been specifically structured to enable us, and prospective under-graduates to test drive each other, during the course of their under-graduate studies.  The programme incorporates an assortment of options to enable undergraduates at all stages to join us, for varying durations, to get a feel for working at Captec, whilst picking up some valuable experience. You can choose from a short duration Internship or a slightly longer paid summer placement, leading up to applying for a full time Job in your final year.

The programme is flexible so we are happy to mix and match depending on where you are at in your studies.  The more we get to know about each other, the more we are likely to form a successful employer/employee relationship that we can build on.

We recognise that most of the undergraduate curriculum is geared at deeply technical and academic content.  The 3-2-1 programme gives you a chance to sample the real world and to start to learn and adapt to the work environment which you will eventually join.


3 – Placements

We are pleased to offer placements ranging between 1-6 weeks depending on your requirements. Captec internships offer a great introduction into a mix of work and soft skills experience such as mentoring & teamwork. You will be guided by our team of experienced managers and engineers during your time with us, however you will also gain valuable experience working within a team.

This option is available for all 1st and 2nd year students.


2 – Internships

10-12 month paid work internship experience is also available, providing more challenging projects and a more detailed insight into the workplace. You will receive exposure to a range of different sectors including Defence, Medical, Communications and Gaming and much more.

This option is also available to all 1st and 2nd year undergraduates.


1 – Employment

We are looking for enthusiastic embedded software developers interested in the next generation of Intelligent Systems. Specifically, Captec are searching for embedded software developers for computer/appliance/machine condition monitoring, remote management and cloud database integration.


Please email your CV and application letter to personnel@uk.captec-group.com or by using the link below.