HEEEEPS Our Type of People

Every company has its own culture and set of values.  These are centred around the beliefs of the business and how passionate they are to keep to their beliefs.  At Captec we believe that there are certain characteristics that define the people that work best in our culture and work environment.  These are characteristics that we have defined more closely over the years and ones that we have harvested from research into good practices adopted around the world.  We have termed these the HEEEEPS profile.  Whenever we recruit we seek people that are similar to this profile.  That is not to say that we must have exact clones of this profile, but its a profile that best thrives in our environment. 

HEEEEPS stands for: 

And these translate as follows:


You have a good reason to get out of bed every morning.  You love coming to work to practice what you are good at.  You are happy and cheerful in the workplace, doing something worthwhile that you love, with peers you respect.  You have something interesting and exciting to aspire towards.  You never miss work unless its completely un-avoidable. 


You are a self starter.  You have high levels of personal energy, internal motivation and steadfast determination.  You are able to self-charge your battery every day and keep it constantly charged, in the presence of challenges.  You are able to focus your energy on important, strategic and value creating activities, rather than just being aimlessly busy.  You are able to deliver bursts of extra energy, as and when needed, to deliver the results that are expected of you. 


You inspire other people and energise them to get them excited about working collectively with you as a team.  You strive towards the delivery of goals and targets, overcoming whatever challenges emerge, with confidence and determination.  You inspire other people to go the extra mile with you, as and when needed to deliver results, for the benefit of the customer, the company, the team and yourself. 


You are able to consistently deliver results.  You get the things you are tasked with done on time, to the quality standard in keeping with the Captec brand and within the most efficient cost structure.  You have a “whatever it takes” attitude of a winner, with a sense of urgency and an appetite for overcoming difficult challenges.  You deliver results no matter what it takes and are able to eradicate excuse centric behaviours of non producers on the team. 


You are able to recognise gaps in performance and results, and make the tough decisions required when these and other challenges arise.  You are able to confront reality as it is, rather than sugar coating over poor performance, low standards or the missing of targets & goals.  You are able to put in place strong medicine to take appropriate corrective action in a timely manner.  You have practical common sense and sound judgement to make good balanced decisions.


You have passion in what you do and really care for the delivery of the team/company mission.  You have a deep and genuine emotional attraction to the profession you are in.  You derive a tremendous amount of self-pride in the outcome of your work.  You set your standards very high and you keep raising the bar whenever you reach a level of consistency


You have the skill set and levels of professionalism to enable you to perform your role and to deliver the goals and targets that will achieve the team’s/company’s overall mission.  You are a life long learner of new skills to continuously develop yourself. You are a teacher of your skills to develop others.  You are a proficient practitioner of your skills, constantly learning and adapting from any mistakes you might make.