Marine Computers

Marine Computers BannerCaptec offer a range of computers with marine certification for a variety of applications on ships and marine platforms. From sunlight readable Panel Computers and Displays for bridge consoles and systems to embedded computers and servers for ship propulsion, automation, control and monitoring systems, Captec have the computers to fit the requirements.

These marine computers are designed for high reliability and low maintenance in marine environments, and are certified to DNV 2.4 and IEC60945. In addition, a range of I/O and graphics add in cards are approved for use in computers and servers with expansion capabilities. Panel computers and displays, from 10” to 24”, are available with sunlight readable and touch screen options.


Marine Certified Embedded Computers

MEC-213 Marine Embedded Computer 01 Captec’s Marine Certified Embedded computers provides a range of processing options to accommodate a wide variety of shipborne applications, such as bridge consoles, propulsion control, machinery control, monitoring and alarm systems.

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Marine Certified Computers

 Enix 2067 Marine Fanless Computer 02 Captec has introduced a new range of marine certified computers for ship borne applications. These IEC 60945 and DNV 2.4 certified marine PC’s are designed for critical ship systems, involving navigation, propulsion control and safety systems.

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Marine Certified Panel Computers

 MCP-241 Marine Panel Computer 01 Ranging from 10” to 24”, Captec’s Marine Certified Panel Computers are designed for applications on ships’ bridges, control rooms and other compartments, such as navigation, communications, propulsion control and machinery control and monitoring systems.

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Marine Certified Displays

 MCD-241 Marine Certified Display 01 These 10” to 24” displays offer sunlight readability and touch screen options for use in bridge consoles, control rooms and other compartments.

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Marine Certified Servers

 MCS-44 Marine Certified Server 01 Captec’s Marine Certified Servers are designed for heavy processing applications, such as navigation systems, data management and larger control and monitoring systems.

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