24/7 e-Surveillance Platform Enhances Security in Banking

As security threats become increasingly pervasive in terrorism and crime prevention, improved surveillance technologies are required; this is an area where CCTV protection is coming to the rescue. Some security risks are particularly applicable in the finance sector where transactional crime can result in substantial monetary loss. Part of the solution to this is an e-Surveillance security computer platform.

E-Surveillance systems must operate reliably over a 24/7 span and thereby require a highly dependable computer platform. They need to be able to store vast amounts of surveillance data, be highly serviceable in the event of disk failure, boot very rapidly and ideally be silent for operation in an office environment.

Captec’s technical capabilities have resulted in a rapid turnaround, from concept to solution of a leading edge e-Surveillance security platform, to support crime prevention in the banking industry.

Key Benefits
• High reliability storage with fault tolerance and quick recovery
• High speed boot-up
• High availability of OS and applications
• Corporate branding
• Flexible and expandable
• Low noise for office environment deployment

High reliability storage with fault tolerance and quick recovery
Incorporating RAID technology and multiple 4 x 2 TB hot swap and individually cooled removable drive bays, resulting in high reliability storage with quick recovery.

High speed boot-up
The inclusion of a solid state disk, allows for significantly faster boot-up than a standard hard disk.

High reliability and availability of OS and applications
The solid state server drives do not employ any moving components, unlike traditional drives, resulting in high reliability and availability of operating systems and applications.

Corporate Branding
The platform has been branded with the customer’s corporate identity by logo printing on the front panel and custom packaging.

Flexible and expandable
The incorporation of multiple PCI-e slots allows for additional specialist video capture and electronic data capture cards, enhancing the performance of the e-surveillance server with improved bandwidth. Further provides future-proofing for technology refresh upgrades.

Low noise for office environment deployment
The system has been engineered for optimised acoustics to operate silently in an office environment. The fans are managed by a variable speed controller, which optimises operation by only running the fans when the temperature rises above a set level, thereby considerably reducing the ambient noise.

The 2U 19” rackmount e-surveillance platform typically operates as a headless system. It runs Microsoft embedded operating systems, which has an extended life over its commercial equivalent. Packed with a multitude of connectivity ports offering dual LAN, 10 USB ports with front and rear access, 2 serial ports (1 RS232, 1RS422/1RS485) as well as onboard video with DVI/HDMI ports. An inlet air filter and positive chassis pressurization provide protection against ingress of dust, from the office environment.

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