EN-60945 Certified Computers for Challenging Offshore Applications

Captec_Marine_Panel_ComputerAs the demand for oil continues unabated, more and more exploration is moving into offshore locations. Deep water exploration, drilling and extraction present a multitude of challenges above and beyond the environmental ones.

Applications such as surface vessel and vehicle positioning, deep water survey, drilling, pipeline inspection/maintenance and many others require some form of accurate positioning on the sea bed some thousands of meters below the surface. Conventional GPS does not operate underwater thereby necessitating some form of positioning technology using through water communication, to monitor exact positions of assets.

Such technologies are increasingly computer based requiring computers that operate reliably whilst withstanding the tough offshore marine conditions, such as Captec’s latest Marine Certified Computer.

• Engineered and Optimised Protection
• EN-60945 Certified High Reliability Computer
• Obsolescence and Lifetime Management
• Flexible and Adaptable Mounting
• Comprehensive Technical Features


Engineered and Optimised Protection
Protected against marine hostilities, its design is optimised for thermal management, shock and vibration, power interference and EMC emission and susceptibility. Capable of operating in temperatures of -15 to +55, the systems are engineered with the appropriate level of processing power to balance the demands of the applications with the optimisation of thermal management. They can be further customised to the bespoke requirements of the application, and branding of the customer.

High Reliability and EN-60945 Certified
The operating costs of offshore applications are significantly high that the maximum reliability possible is critical. EN-60945 certification ensures the marine computer is fit for use in such demanding conditions.

Obsolescence and Lifetime Management
Captec’s obsolescence management process ensures that the systems can be manufactured for longevity. An average life cycle of 5-7 years, from the point of introduction, mitigates any expensive re-certification costs, where required.

Flexible and Adaptable Mounting
The flexible and adaptable mounting allows the marine computer to be conveniently located to best fit the needs of the operators. Accommodating both 19” rack, or panel mounting, with an IP65 sealed front.

Comprehensive Technical Features
The computer incorporates a 1000 nits sunlight readable, high brightness 19” display. Extended OSD functionality allows full dimming for bridge operation and amplified audio for alarming purposes in a bulkhead or in noisy environments. Extensive connectivity is provided with 4 serial ports (3 RS232 & 1 RS422), 7 USB ports including a sealed front loading, 2 LAN 1Gb ports and 2 Video with DVI output. 5 wire resistive touch-screen technology is also integrated.

This is a typical example of a Captec engineered solution for a specific marine application. Please click here for more details on our marine computer offerings.


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