Industrial Computers for Applications requiring Reliability and Performance

Captec_IC_Series_Defence_Transport_CommunicationsIntelligent embedded applications for critical and complex systems such as defence, security, transport and communications, increasingly require robust, high performance computer platforms to run on.  Downtime can often have severe implications, be it safety, business interruption or security, so reliability and performance are essential.



Introducing the latest addition to a continually expanding industrial computer portfolio, Captec have launched the IC-400 Series; a family of application ready rack mountable computers, designed for flexibility across a wide range of applications but focusing on reliability, performance and longevity as the core focus.

Key Benefits

-          High Reliability
-          Latest High Performance Technology
-          Longevity
-          Extensive I/O Functionality
-          Additional Expansion Capability

High Reliability

Captec’s 27 years of industrial computer design and engineering expertise ensures reliability for 24/7 operation in challenging applications. The robust IC-400 Series is built with industrial grade components and integrates filtered air intakes to minimise the possibility of failure in dust-prone environments.

Latest  High Performance Technology

Based upon the latest technology, the IC-400 Series integrates powerful Intel second generation core i3-i7 processors for significantly enhanced  performance. From satellite communications to content management, the optimum processing power for a wide variety of applications is guaranteed.


Captec ensure longevity and consistency of supply of up to 7 years; minimising migration costs and the inconveniences associated with change.  All systems also come with optional preinstalled long-life operating systems; such as windows XP, 7 or Linux.

Extensive I/O Functionality

The IC-400 Series provides extensive I/O including, USB ports, the latest LAN and display connectivity and expansion capability; 7 full-height card slots in 4U and 3 in 2U.

Additional Expansion Capability

For applications requiring additional expansion capabilities, an alternative configuration is available.  The ICB configuration incorporates a passive backplane to allow for additional plug-in cards.  This increases the expansion to 12 free slots in 4U and 4 in 2U formats.

Flexible in its application deployment, the IC-400 series is ideal for any application which requires a robust, high performance computer.  Anything from security critical CCTV surveillance and image processing, to real-time digital communications and broadcast, these computers provide the platforms that you need to keep your application running.

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