New Expandable High performance, High Reliability Embedded Fanless Computers

Captec_EFC_22_Embedded_Fanless_ComputerSmall, high performance computers are needed for installation tight spaces in more and more applications. Reliability is crucial as downtime can be extremely costly. The solution to this is a fanless computer.

To address these requirements we have introduced our lastest EFC-22 Embedded Fanless Computers. These high performance computers come with the expansion capabilities required to provide specific application functionality, and are based on the latest processor technology.

Key Benefits

- High Performance with Expandability
- Fanless for Reliability
- iAMT Remote Management
- Industrial Ruggedisation
- Extensive I/O Functionality

High Performance with Expandability

These fanless computers are built upon the latest third generation Intel Core i technology. They are the only compact embedded computers to offer this level of performance coupled with the expansion capability of two plug-in card slots plus CFast socket, to provide application specific functionality.

Fanless for Reliability

The EFC-22 is fanless in design with no moving parts, significantly increasing the reliability of the computers, whilst also contributing to their suitability for use within the proximity of vibrating machinery. This allows for installation at the point of use, and protection against dust and dirt laden air within an automation environment.

iAMT Remote Management

The EFC-22 incorporates ‘Intel Active Management Technology’ allowing for remote management, so in the unlikely event of an issues arising, the computer can be easily accessed over the network via the hardware, reducing the need for local access.

Industrial Ruggedisation

Contributing to the increased reliability and longevity is the use of industrial grade components. Designed for operation in an elevated industrial temperature range, the EFC-22 incorporates active thermal management allowing for operation in temperatures from -5 to +55 ̊C.

Extensive I/O Functionality

Although compact in design, the EFC-22 provides extensive I/O including; 3 independent video display outputs, 6 USB ports (front and rear), dual 1Gb Ethernet, 6 x RS232 ports, one of which can be configured to RS422/485 and a SIM card port for remote communication.

For applications requiring even higher performance and more expansion, we can offer the IC-31; a compact embedded computer with 4 expansion slots and a range of Core i processors.

For more information please refer to the EFC-22 product page.


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