Rail computer platform helps reduce emergency response time

Rail control rooms and call-handling centres are often unable to join up communications and IT systems, leading to reduced efficiency and longer inquiry times. Captec has helped to provide a computer platform, from its RCC series of Rail Certified Computers, enabling a fully-integrated system to simultaneously control a range of communications channels, including telephone, CCTV, radio, and IT systems. These systems ensure that both operational efficiencies are achieved and can respond promptly in the event of emergencies, leading to a safer and more efficient transport infrastructure for passengers.

Infrastructure communication systems must operate reliably, across multiple stakeholders, and thereby require a highly dependable and specialist computer platform to host their software. They also need to be able to operate reliably in more challenging environments when they are deployed nearer trackside locations.

Key Benefits

  • Increased availability and reduced downtime and disruption
  • Ready certified for immediate use in rail applications
  • Operate in both trackside and control room environments
  • Reduced through life cost of ownership

Increased availability and reduced downtime and disruption

Incorporating dual redundant 500GB hot swappable hard drives in RAID configuration, coupled with carefully selected high reliability industrial grade components, results in increased availability and reduced downtime disruption of rail operations.

Ready Certified for immediate use in rail applications

The Captec RCC computers are fully rail certified expediting application deployment without the delay or upfront costs required in obtaining compliance certification.

Operate in both trackside and control room environments

The RCC systems have undergone an extensive suite of tests including EMC, thermal and environmental testing to validate its operation in the demanding operating environments of both trackside and control rooms.

Reduced through life cost of ownership

The high reliability of the industrial components, together with the high standards of workmanship and testing, ensure that failures are minimised, thereby reducing the overall through life cost of ownership.

The RCC series is available in 19’’ rackmount 2U or 4U formats, including optional slide rails. Based on Intel Core-i second generation processors capable of running Windows XP/7, Server 2003/2008, or Linux O/S. Packed with a multitude of connectivity ports offering 2 x LAN and 8 x USB ports, as well as onboard RAID with up to 12TB of storage capacity. Includes 4 x PCI and 3 x PCIE expansion slots. An inlet air filter and positive chassis pressurization provide protection against ingress of dust.  All on an embedded road map with continuity for up to 5 years.



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