Our range of industrial computer and server products is designed for various applications in the six operational sectors. These are available in various form factors and performance levels, according to the specific requirements of the application or installation.

These computers have been developed to provide readily available platforms using proven components and configurations to ensure reliability, longevity and configurability at an affordable price.

More models are being added to the various categories from time to time to extend the range and cover additional applications.

If you do not find the particular configuration you require please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will find a solution to meet them.


Tablet Computers

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Specialist tablets designed for the needs of business and light industry, where the expense and additional weight of fully rugged tablet is unnecessary, but the long battery life, protection...

Existing Customer Medical Platforms

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While we do not offer a standard product range for Medical, we have designed and...

Rackmount Computers

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Our rackmount computers suit a broad spectrum of industrial and specialist applications and are designed for simple...

Embedded Computers

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Captec’s embedded PCs are designed for integration into larger machinery or equipment. The range of embedded computer...

Panel Computers

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Our panel computer (panel PC) range features ingress protected touchscreen panels for a wide range of factory...

Mobile Computers

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The mobile computer range comprises of Rugged Laptops and range of Ruggedised Tablet computers from Semi-Rugged to...

Stand Alone Computers

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Our stand alone computers suit a variety of industrial and specialist applications where the computer is...

Peripherals & Displays

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Complementing our specialised computers, this range of peripherals and displays is available as rugged, certified and...