Specialist Computers For Retail

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As the retail industry strives for ever more efficient processes, more and more automation is required throughout.  We have a specialized range of computers designed to provide this automation even in demanding environments, as well as design services to tailor platforms to an exact fit with even the most unique of retail requirements.

All of these products will be showcased on our stand 211 at RBTE 2015 in the London Olympia, on March 10th to 11th. Click here to find out more.

Mobile Picking Platforms

Mobile Picking Platforms We help you get to a working solution faster and more efficiently, through our experience in designing and integrating the full platform, to the specific requirements of your business. The delivered platform comprises all the functional units you will require for a complete hardware solution to order fulfillment.

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Tablet Portfolio

Tablet Portfolio A complete range of specialist tablet computers, designed to operate in demanding environments, where commercial tablets could let you down.

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Tablet Charging Stations

Tablet Charging Stations Securely storing and charging large estates of tablets can be a complex challenge. Our tablet charging stations combine both into one neat, space efficient, and easily deployed cabinet.

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Bespoke Retail Terminals

Bespoke Retail Terminals When you can’t find an off the shelf terminal to do all the things you need, what can you do? You can talk to us. With 30 years of design and manufacturing experience under our belt, we can engineer the exact solution you need.

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Through Life Support Services

Through Life Support A tailored package of services to maximize the life-cycle of your estate, focused on quick and hassle free service and repair.

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