Doing business in different Market sectors is affected by a set of common, as well as most often unique, factors and circumstances. Furthermore, applications within these sectors have different needs and are exposed to sets of risks. In today’s solutions oriented world you are increasingly dependent on a supply chain of specialists who understand your market sector, your applications, your language and your world of doing business.

It is rare for a single company to possess all of the capabilities required to originate each of the individual components needed to implement increasingly complex systems solutions. Partnering with a dependable supply chain that understands your world and has specialist value add, then becomes a critical success factor.

At Captec we recognise this and specialise in continuously building up our knowledge of your market sector, together with doing our core business so very well that you can be confident in a tried, tested and trusted professional supply chain partner. Our core business of designing, manufacturing and supplying application ready Industrial Computer platforms means that with Captec as your hardware platform partner, all you have to add is your application.


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Computers are increasingly used in the automation of process, production and manufacturing lines throughout the manufacturing sector. As machinery becomes more automated and intelligent, these machines are being grouped together into ever growing networks and becoming part of fully managed, automated processes. Captec’s supply of computing systems to the automation arena covers a very wide …


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Communications and broadcast industries are experiencing an upsurge in computing requirements. This has been accelerated by the introduction of digital broadcasting for both sound and vision and the increasing use of satellite communications. Within this is the mushrooming requirement for digital media storage, processing and playout. Analogue processing equipment is being replaced by digital processing, …


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Energy industries rely heavily on dependable computing equipment for exploration and supply of all our energy needs. Captec plays an important role in this supply chain by delivering fit for purpose computing platforms in any location, from the North Sea to remote monitoring stations and regional control rooms. Captec’s involvement in this sector covers most …


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There are many different requirements for computing equipment in the medical industries, from dedicated controllers for major analysis and treatment units to computers for mobile medical trolleys. Major items like MRI scanners and radiology units need stable computers which perform significant tasks like image processing whilst maintaining the certification of the units. Any changes to …


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Transport applications cover marine, land, and air activities and hence some demanding environmental constraints as well significant reliability, availability and performance needs. A wide range of transport applications are supported by Captec computer technology, involving rail (surface and underground), marine (ship, shore and offshore), vehicles and air. The applications themselves are diverse, ranging from vehicle …

Defence & Security

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With the increasing emphasis on COTS solutions in the Defence industry, instead of costly bespoke development, military applications are increasingly looking for existing hardware solutions. The word ‘Commercial’ in the term COTS can be a little misleading as the solutions best suited for these applications are ‘Industrial’ rather than ‘Commercial’. Commercial computer equipment cannot survive …