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There are many different requirements for computing equipment in the medical industries, from dedicated controllers for major analysis and treatment units to computers for mobile medical trolleys.

Major items like MRI scanners and radiology units need stable computers which perform significant tasks like image processing whilst maintaining the certification of the units. Any changes to the computer configuration or components would necessitate the inconvenience and expense of recertification, and possibly even software redesign. This is prevented by employing long life industrial computer technology which can maintain consistent supply for 5 to 7 years without the need for updates, together with strict configuration control and documentation.

Treatment and analysis equipment needs to be kept separate from general hospital IT networks in order to maintain security and immunity from software threats, like viruses, malware, etc, which could have very serious consequences. On the other hand analysis information and treatment programmes need to be integrated with patient records on the main IT network, so there is a powerful requirement for interconnection between the two networks – the clinical equipment network and the general hospital IT network. This can only be achieved if a very secure gateway is placed between the two networks. This is another area where Captec has particular experience.

Captec has many years’ experience supplying computer equipment to the medical industry, in particular for major medical equipment and for separation of the clinical and hospital networks. In addition computers for trolleys and other medical applications are part of our medical computing portfolio.

Typical customers in the medical sector include Philips Medical, Glaxo, Novadaq, Molecular Devices and Carestream.

Medical In-vehicle and Mobile Platforms

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Flexible mobile computing solutions for medical applications. The growth of mobile computing has given...

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Medical Imaging

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High performance, reliable, durable computer platforms to support medical imaging technologies. Reliable, high performance computer systems are...

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Laboratory Equipment

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  Specialised computer platforms to power automated medical laboratory equipment. There is a growing need for rapid,...

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Treatment Planning

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  High performance computer platforms to support accurate medical treatment planning. In medical treatment planning applications, when...

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Patient Treatment

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Powerful, reliable computer platforms to control complex patient treatment technology. At Captec, we understand that reliability and...

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Patient Monitoring

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  Mobile computer platforms powering sophisticated patient monitoring systems. Medical service professionals need to be able to...

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Medical Network Security

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Digital threat management platforms for computer networks in medical institutions. Specialist medical equipment and networks need...

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Tablet Computers & Charging Stations

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Specialist tablets designed for the needs of business and light industry, where the expense and additional weight of fully rugged tablet is unnecessary, but the long battery life, protection...

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Existing Customer Medical Platforms

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While we do not offer a standard product range for Medical, we have designed and...

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Providing Reliable Solutions and Services to the Medical Industry

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The 2015 Medica Trade Fair in November gave us the...

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Bespoke Computers to Keep Your Applications Running, Anywhere

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Many applications require exacting designs and builds to meet complex specifications....

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Save Time and Manpower with Expert 19” Rack Integration

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The need for more computing and volumes of data continues...

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Rugged Mobility on a Diet – New Light Weight Tablet Computers

Captec Light Weight Rugged Tablet Computers Thumb

Ruggedisation often comes with a penalty to size...

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Captec invests in EMC Compliance Testing Infrastructure


More complex computer equipment and increasing legislation present a challenge to ensuring...

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Powerful, Reliable Medical Computer


The medical industry is becoming more reliant on innovative computer based technologies to assist with...

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Join us at our Next Rack Integration Masterclass Forum

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Following the successes of our 2015 events, we are hosting...

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A Rack Integration Masterclass @ Dell Solutions Centre

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Following the successes of our 2015 events and the high demand...

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The Values That Keep Your Medical Application Running…


We are renowned in the computing industry for providing the reliable...

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Insights From Medica 2015

Medica Blog Day Two Thumb

Having now given myself incredibly sore feet (thank heaven for good shoes) I have at...

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Fitness Bands and Their Users

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Fitness bands make up the majority of the wearable technology industry and they definitely...

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A Journey in Wearable Technology

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Wearable Technology is a field which is accelerating at a tremendous pace. Just as...

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Bratwurst and a Medical Trolley

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I recently attended the Medica 2012 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.  It had everything from...

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Industrial Computers and Broken Bones

Captec Corporate Social Responsibility

This weekend I fell on my wrist. After much deliberation as to whether it...

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