Build to Order

Captec Placeholder TTT Grill Final 02In industrial and certified computing applications, specifications can be highly complex and difficult to meet. Where our standard portfolio of off the shelf products are not totally suitable we can design, develop and integrate custom computers that are:


  • Designed to Order Systems (DTOS)
  • Configured to Order Systems (CTOS)
  • Built to Order Systems (BTOS)


These service levels can be combined to customise computers that meet the needs of individual customers. All our platforms are based on COTS (Commercial off The Shelf) PC technologies, with exceptions where specifications dictate. Our offerings extend to COTS+ (COTS plus additional technical, design or engineering services) where more bespoke, semi-custom or custom computers are required. As an independent computer systems integrator and custom computer builder, we aim to supply our customers with what they need rather than what a manufacturer has to offer.


BTOS – Built to Order Systems

This service level is based on experience and know-how, built up since our origins in 1985 integrating computer systems and servers for specific customer requirements. Our experience spans the most demanding of military applications to industrial, scientific, medical, and engineering systems in our six core market sectors.

DTOS – Design to Order Service

With extensive in-house design capabilities, we can deliver custom built computers tailored to meet specific requirements. We complement these with technology transfer partnerships, centres of specialist expertise and managed outsourcing of certification testing.


CTOS – Configured to Order Systems

Whether customers need one or one thousand systems, we can offer a tailor-made platform configured to specifications for chassis, processor, memory, disk, I/O, operating system and any other variant required. Our systems are built and configured to order, backed by our technical advisory service to ensure that our customers are offered the right solution to meet their needs.

Build Consistency with Assembly Procedures

In order to ensure consistency, build quality and reliability, all our systems are built against standard procedures and work instructions. Where systems are customised to particular requirements, all hardware and firmware settings are documented and recorded. Operators are guided by checklists to ensure that build quality is monitored throughout the assembly stages.


Burn-in Testing & Reporting

Every system out of our production line is subjected to a 24 hour burn-in soak test. This comprehensively tests all component parts of the system as well as cyclically exercising all functional parts multiple times. The burn-in test ensures that any weaker components are detected and that all systems shipped to our customers are fully functional. A detailed test report is provided with every system to guarantee the complete test and burn-in.


Systems Cloning

Where our customers have an on-going requirement for the supply of identical systems on a kanban, scheduled delivery or occasional basis, we operate a disk cloning service backed up by a dedicated server where the hard disks of completed systems are cloned and maintained in a data bank. Systems can then be efficiently and identically duplicated.

Complete Component & System Traceability

All our systems are manufactured with an individual configuration log of all components used in the system. This provides total traceability and, in the event of any system problems, we are able to track down the exact batch, supplier and order for any component. A unique system serial number further facilitates the searching and tracking of all components in our database.


Quality Management

All our processes and systems are managed within the scope of an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system, assuring you of the integrity of our products and bespoke solutions. We are proud of our unblemished track record of zero non-conformances.


Obsolescence and change control management

In an industry beset by unprecedented levels of change and ever decreasing product lifecycles, our change control management procedures ensure continuity of supply for agreed system configurations, protecting you from component obsolescence. This is a key differentiator from commercial computing where obsolescence happens abruptly, is not notified and is generally unmanaged.


After Sales Warranty and Support

Our dedicated team in the Captec Service Centre (CSC) offers a portfolio of services to maximise and extend the life of the computer equipment we supply. From extended warranty packages to service, repair and training, the CSC team will look after you to the extent that you require.


Manufacturing capability

We continuously invest in our manufacturing capability and facilities. We adopt lean manufacturing best practices to ensure that we have the quality, agility and scalability to deal with variable demand. Our size enables us to cater for large quantities, quickly and without compromise. With manufacturing and integration capabilities in both Europe and North America, we are able to offer systems wherever our customers need them.


Operational Capability

We are on time when you need it. You have deadlines to meet and we are aware that your success depends on the performance we deliver. Our substantial manufacturing and integration capability, extensive inventory and materials management systems will guarantee adherence to your deadlines and specifications. Our size enables us to cater from tens to thousands of systems depending on your needs.