Through Life Tablet Support

Captec Tablet ServicingKeeping an estate of tablets running can be a challenge for any organisation, particularly when they are exposed to public usage and rough handling. In bingo halls alone, over 30,000 Captec tablets are in use on a daily basis and for extended periods of time. With this level of demand, worldwide Captec service centres jointly process over 100 tablets a day, to keep these devices fit for purpose and running at a high level of efficiency.

Tablets that are out of commission or faulty for any reason can lead to inconvenience for customers, a poor brand experience and ultimately a loss of revenue. Long repair and maintenance times will only add to this. With international service centres in the UK and Canada, Captec can provide a wealth of options, especially for the widely deployed X210 and X220 tablets.

Spares and Repairs

  • Malfunctioning devices can be taken out of circulation even though they may only require a minor repair or replacement part. Our team of expert technicians can remedy such problems and make simple replacements quickly and conveniently, to be returned to service in a compact timescale.
  • Captec currently process a combined 100 tablets a day in our service centres. Our technicians are highly experienced and strive to provide a reliable, expert and professional service. They aim to return devices to customers in the quickest possible timescales to minimise lost revenue through downtime.

Ongoing Support and Servicing Plans

  • Our service level agreements and extended warranties are in place to deliver customers the highest levels of productivity from their estates of tablets. There are a range of options available to sustain this, providing options regardless of the business’s needs.
  • Pre-agreed turnaround times allow you to budget for any outages with certainty.
  • Buffer stock and floating spares allow can remove downtime altogether allowing seamless operation from the group of tablets.
  • Service portals enabling support requests to be logged and tracked online, with realtime status updates.
  • Preventative maintenance programs will clean, service and test devices, putting them in top working order to avert future issues as much as possible.

Obsolescence Management

  • As the technology landscape moves forward, it is inevitable that older technologies will occasionally become obsolete.
  • We can ensure continuity of supply during a product’s life cycle and carefully manage obsolescence to provision additional spares and stock. This gives maximum through-life cost value by prolonging the operational lifespan of an estate of devices. The service can also provide advanced end of life notifications, last time buy options and bonded stock holding.

Technology Refresh

  • As part of a structured product roadmap, when older technologies become obsolete we can assist in a refresh of your estate of assets.
  • This offers a pathway to newer tablets equipped with improved technology, as well as support for advanced operating systems, such as the X220 and next generation X230. With extended warranties and service level agreements put into place, technology can be future-proofed for the short- to medium- term

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