Partner Ecosystem

To compete successfully in a complex business environment and drive value the Captec Group embraces the model of Open Innovation and collaborative business development through a Partner Ecosystem.   Industrial, embedded and certified computing is a very specialist area requiring multi-disciplinary expertise, both in terms of innovation and market delivery.  With the increasing drive towards Intelligent Systems and the connected power of the ‘Internet of Things’, customers are looking for end-to-end solutions, not a collection of building blocks that they have to glue together.  We recognize that to address such increasingly complex computing problems, collaboration with a partner ecosystem is the way of the future.


With this in mind, Captec is continuously forging new relationships with innovation and business partners on an international scale to continue to build our best-of-breed ecosystem of partners.  If you have some computing related technology that can stimulate innovation, or accelerate market adoption,  in the vertical market sectors that we operate in, we are keen to engage with you.


Captec’s partner ecosystem spans a broad spectrum of technology,  software, systems integration, and channel partners.  We focus on 4 core communities, these include:


  • Universities & Research Establishments
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Partners
  • Channel Partners


Computing solutions in our applications consists of a value stack of hardware, software, and services carefully combined for the specific, often single function that a system will be used for. Intelligent Systems a driving for greater integration from sensor-to-solution.  But the Industrial and Embedded Computing supply chain is largely fragmented so few suppliers can offer a full complement of IP and capabilities required.  It’s only well architected technology ecosystems that can deliver more complete solutions.  This is where Captec differentiates itself from others by working towards building, and participating, in these ecosystems.  We invite companies with complementary IP/Capabilities to join ours and we equally seek to join yours, where the combined relationship can result in greater value.