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Mobile workforce automation is a proven advantage that businesses are adopting – in and outside of vehicles – to leverage a competitive edge. By using mobile technology to electronically automate tasks that were previously executed using clipboards and job sheets, workforces are removing reliance on paper, accessing information in real-time and aggregating major productivity gains.


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81 Percent - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their business.^


86 percent - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

86% of CEOs see a clear vision of how digital technologies including mobile can create competitive advantage.^


40 percent - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

40% increase in productivity is seen for mobile workforces using rugged tablets.*

Source: Panasonic

7 key elements that ensure a successful rugged tablet deployment for your mobile workforce

Deploying technology for field service applications isn’t always as simple as choosing a tablet and getting to work. For unique applications in challenging environments, a holistic seven dimensional approach should be taken to ensure critical aspects including safety, security and accessibility are evaluated and balanced to deliver an optimal technology solution.

1 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

1. Business consultation

Adopting a collaborative approach to consultation is key to selecting the best device type and dock solution for the unique needs of your mobile workforce and vehicle.

2 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

2. Rugged tablet selection

We are partnered with leading manufacturers including Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung, offering you access to the latest technology across all form factors.
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3 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

3. Vehicle survey

Once our specialists have worked with you to understand your application requirements, we will arrange to carry out a vehicle survey that will ensure a safe, secure and compliant installation.

4 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

4. Tablet mount selection

We will advise you on the right tablet mount for your application, balancing aspects including safety, security and cost to offer an optimised solution.
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6 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

5. Software integration

Using established relationships with carefully selected independent vendors, we source, load and test workforce management software to ensure your solution is ready for action, the moment it is installed.
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5 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

6. Vehicle tablet installation

We offer a nationwide service and will arrange to install tablets and docks onsite and out of working hours to minimise downtime and keep your business running smoothly.
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7 - Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

7. Ongoing support

Our service does not stop after installation. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service, through-life support and service-level agreements to maximise the life and reliability of your technology.

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