In-Vehicle Tablet & Dock Solutions

With fully managed installations

In-vehicle Tablets for Mobile Workforces

Our vehicle tablets and docks are proven to enhance the productivity of mobile workforces operating in challenging environments. Couple the hardware with our customisation and installation service, and get the ultimate in-vehicle tablet solution tailored to the precise needs of your fleet and application.

Business benefits include:

  • Improved efficiencies of your mobile workforce
  • Better communications and networking
  • Time and money savings

Case story

We delivered a custom in-vehicle tablet solution for a leading provider of services and infrastructure in areas including highways, utilities, environmental and waste management. Through our fully managed design and installation service, we helped our customer enhance the productivity of field staff and overcome time, environmental and technical constraints.

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1. The Right Platform

We select the right computer, tablet, laptop or notebook for your application from a range of key manufacturers, rather than from a single source. We specify based on operating environment, user needs and software performance requirements.

In-vehicle Installation - Tablet and docking stations

2. The Right Mount

We work with manufacturers to develop device-specific docking stations, providing charging and reliable connectivity to fixed I/O, as well as improved mobile data and GPS antennas. For specialist integration requirements, we also design completely bespoke docks, exactly suited to the installation environment.

In-vehicle Installation - Tablet and docking stations

3. The Right Fit

Every vehicle has its own unique fitting requirements to accommodate an aftermarket platform installation. We offer surveys to assess mechanical and electrical requirements of the targeted installation vehicle, and design custom adaptors to enable standard VESA mounting brackets to fit any vehicle. We also offer custom-made cable harnesses designed to install directly into your vehicle’s power source.

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4. The Right Installation

Our team of installation engineers will arrange to install platforms on-site, saving you time and inconvenience. We supply the whole solution (platform, dock, software, adaptors, cable harnesses) fitted, tested and ready for use.

Suitable Applications

Construction & Civil

Our solutions enable mobile contractors to arrive onsite and ready to work with job, project and contract coordination applications. Larger screens widen the range of usage and remove the need to use mobile phones, often restricted or banned on building sites.

Utility Fleets

For utility companies with large vehicle fleets, the ability to accurately manage route planning and job tracking for the mobile workforce is essential. With work frequently occurring outside the vehicle, our solutions provide mobility and ease of dismounting while creating the option to recharge tablets in-vehicle between tasks.

Field Services

Our in-vehicle tablets keep highly mobile workforces with dynamic workflows in sync through route planning, job scheduling and tracking. This makes them ideal for navigation, signoffs, data capture, remote service manuals and workforce management.

Emergency Services

Our in-vehicle solutions deliver mobile computing that allows emergency services professionals to easily access critical information and coordinate crisis response efforts. With secure lockable mounting, our range lends itself to the predominately fixed nature of fire appliance terminals.

Products & Services

We deliver complete in-vehicle tablet, dock and installation solutions for mobile workforces of all sizes. Our Professional solution includes a choice of high-performance Captec VT-681 or Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 rugged tablets and reliable Captec or Gamber-Johnson docks, complete with hassle-free, on-the-move charging. Our Enterprise solution includes a choice of Dell, Getac or Panasonic rugged tablets with tablet-specific Gamber-Johnson or Havis vehicle docks. All can be combined with our professional installation service for solutions optimised for performance, reliability and safety.

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Professional In-vehicle Solution

Ideal for smaller mobile workforces

Captec or Samsung rugged tablets

Captec or Gamber-Johnson vehicle docks

Integrate with Microsoft Office applications

Fully managed installation service

In-vehicle icon - Captec

Enterprise In-vehicle Solution

Ideal for larger mobile workforces

Dell, Getac or Panasonic rugged tablets

Gamber-Johnson or Havis vehicle docks

Integrate with Microsoft Office applications

Fully managed installation service


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