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Vehicle Tablets & Docks

Choose your hardware, select a vehicle dock and combine it all with our vehicle installation service for a deployment-ready solution. Vehicle tablets included are the high-performance Captec VT-681 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, while the docks are reliable Captec and Gamber-Johnson models. This highly cost-effective option has been developed specifically with smaller vehicles, frequent dismounting and field use in mind.

Captec or Samsung 8 inch tablet

Captec or Gamber-Johnson vehicle docks

Fully managed installation service

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Our ‘Professional’ Options:

in-vehicle technology VT 681

Captec VT-681

This brand new, 8-inch fully rugged vehicle tablet has been designed to withstand rough treatment, shocks and dust and water ingress Features include a Windows 10 OS, built-in GNSS (GLONASS/GPS) and an optional barcode scanner.

IVM-681 In-vehicle Dock

IVM 681 vehicle dock for Captec VT-681

Custom designed and manufactured by Captec in the UK, the IVM-681 vehicle dock features USB and power pass through. Engineered for fiddle-free one-handed docking, your vehicle tablet can be quickly and easily secured in any vehicle.

News - Captec Bring Samsung Technology to In-vehicle Applications - Captec

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

This fully rugged 8-inch vehicle tablet is perfect for mobile workforces operating in challenging environments. The tablet has been tested for reliable operation in extreme conditions, proven by MIL-STD-810G certification and is reinforced with IP68 ingress protection.

Products - Gamber-Johnson Samsung Tab Active2 Vehicle Dock - Captec

Vehicle dock  for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

Designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab Active2 vehicle tablet with a rugged case, this Gamber-Johnson vehicle dock features simple, one-handed cradle operation. Thanks to the ergonomic design, all control buttons, camera, ports and stylus are accessible even while the tablet is docked.


In-vehicle Installation Services

Our specialist engineering and installation teams offer you their experience in designing and installing tablets into a wide diversity of service vehicles and fleets. With full site audits, we help you completely overcome challenges including complex deployments, strict deadlines and demanding installations.

We manage every aspect of your application so you don’t have to – one order, one solution, one touchpoint.


Will installing tablets do any harm to my vehicle or other electronic device installed in my vehicle?

No, installation of tablets will not affect any other device installed in your vehicle.

How is the vehicle tablet powered?

The tablet is powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt or 24-volt battery. It also has its own built-in backup battery in case it does not receive power from the vehicle battery for any reason.

Is there a warranty for the vehicle tablet?

Yes, there is a 12 month warranty on the vehicle device.

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