Graduate Opportunities

The path to a rewarding career at Captec

Automation Computing

Graduate and Apprenticeship Opportunities

At Captec, we are committed to seeking and recruiting great talent to continue our growth as the largest UK designer and manufacturer of specialist computing platforms.

As we continue to grow domestically and internationally in preparation for our stock market floatation, we are extending our capabilities into developing latest technologies including IoT and wearables, and we need exceptional people to support us on this journey. At Captec, you will be working at the leading edge of technology.


Tell Us About You

We run an open and flexible programme across our entire business that offers short to medium duration work experience open to any passionate and enthusiastic individual.  Whether you are interested in sales and marketing, design or development, like working with people in HR, or want to get involved manufacturing computers in operations, we will do our best to find a position for you.

Tell us about you, your skills and your passions and we will try to structure a placement, internship or work experience that will enrich and develop you while adding value to our company, by carefully matching your skills and interests with our business requirements.


If you are interested in our graduates opportunities, please contact us using the form below.